Roof Replacement and Façade Repairs – Bronzeville

FSPM was engaged by the board at this Bronzeville Condo Association to manage a critical roof replacement and façade repair project. The scope of work included:

  • Complete tear-off and roof replacement, featuring a modified bitumen roof.
  • Grind and tuckpoint the south façade of the building.


This project included roof related façade repairs on all 4 elevations (parapet walls, copings, etc.). This was done concurrently in order to protect the Modified Bitumen roof being installed at the same time.

FSPM reformatted the scope of work to accommodate the Condo Association’s finite budget, while also working diligently with the board to determine an order of magnitude to address their concerns.

FSPM returned $54K to the Association in unused contingency funds. Immediately after completion of the contracted scope, FSPM worked with the board to use the remaining funds to address emergency critical repairs to the East Façade that were outside the original scope of work.