Structural Repairs- North Kenwood

FirstService Project Management was engaged by this Homeowners’ Association to manage a vital structural repair project. After years of observed settlement issues (step cracks in building walls and decks, asphalt surface and concrete settlement, masonry façade damage, balcony steel support damage, door/window opening issues, expansion control joints and foundation issues), a Geotechnical Engineer was hired to perform soil investigations. They found that the soil was not suitable  to support these buildings and recommended installing piers to help stabilize and underpin each building’s existing walls or columns.


To get these massive repairs underway, while also adhering to the Board’s finite budget, FSPM performed this work in two phases. This intrusive project required access to every affected unit in order to install the piers and attach the foundation footing clamp. This was a demanding process, requiring multiple days in each unit, which entailed the following:

  • Unit prep including plastic enclosures and negative air machines to filter out any construction related dust
  • Drywall and flooring demo
  • Hydraulic installation of piers
  • Covering of interior holes to prevent tripping and/or fall hazards
  • Replacement of unit flooring and wall repair
  • Site/unit clean-up

In addition to the required in-unit work, once the foundations were repaired and stabilized, FSPM engaged a masonry contractor to perform the necessary façade repairs resulting from years of erosion and settlement damage.