Elevator Modernization- Gold Coast

FirstService Project Management was engaged by the Association Board at thie Gold Coast Association to perform a critical Pre-Construction Phase for the modernization of six traction elevators. The Association is split into two towers that house three elevator cabs in each tower, two passenger cabs and one service cab. All six elevator cabs are original to the building, which was built in the late 1960s. Due to regular maintenance issues over the last year, it was apparent that all six elevator cabs needed a full modernization.

During the Feasibility phase FSPM engaged with an In Good Company elevator consulting firm, to survey the six traction elevators. The purpose of the survey was to identify the primary equipment, evaluate the vertical transportation based on applicable industry and code standards in order to provide modernization and upgrade recommendations. This survey was also utilized to provide a recommended scope of work directly related to the elevator and building related work to be completed in conjunction with an elevator modernization.

FSPM recommended testing of the current gearless passenger machines. This testing allowed FSPM to identify a value engineering option that was incorporated with the initial technical specifications to reduce overall project cost. Testing these machines allowed FSPM to determine that the gearless machines can be refurbished, rather than replaced with a new gearless machine. The OTIS gearless machines that were built in the late 1960s were designed to be capable of lasting over 100 years. The refurbishment will last far longer than a new replacement machine that will have a shorter useful life expectancy.

The second phase of this project is considered the Pre-Construction Phase. This phase included the development of the technical specifications that were required to bid out the project in its entirety. A complete set of technical specifications was produced that FSPM used to develop a Request for Proposal in each required trade. After multiple rounds of scope reviews, FSPM recommended an In Good Company Elevator Contractor who not only provided the most cost-effective proposal, but also the most comprehensive package.

During the Construction Phase, FSPM provided a part time, on-site superintendent, who oversaw the day-to-day aspects of the project including all logistics of the different trades. The on-site superintendent provided daily reports of who was onsite and what work was completed each day. A Project Manager assigned to the project oversaw the finances and ensured all communication between staff, contractors, and consultants was constant and streamlined. Change orders were reviewed directly by the Project Manager to ensure that only change orders that are qualified as “unforeseen” or due to design changes at the request of the Board were considered and not missed scope on the contractor’s part. This is also established during scope reviews of each contractor.

The elevator modernization scope of work included the following upgrades to the passenger cabs:

  • Recondition the hoisting machines
  • Install new drives, controllers, guides, traveling cables, entrance locks, door operators, safe-edges, car enclosures, operating station, corridor push buttons, direction lanterns, and emergency lighting
  • Entrance frames retained with new rollers installed and reconditioning of the tracks
  • New cab interiors installed
  • Fully enclose the machine rooms in the penthouse per current code
  • New lighting installed in the machine rooms in the penthouse
  • Two air conditioning split systems installed, one in each machine room
  • Corridor call buttons lowered per code which involved cutting in new back boxes in each of the elevator landings
  • Fire/smoke detectors installed in each elevator landing and integrated into a fire alarm recall system and a new fire status panel
  • New lights installed in the elevator pits along with convenience service power outlets.