Underground Plumbing Repairs – Gold Coast

FSPM was engaged by the Association Board at a Gold Coast high-rise to manage a critical underground plumbing repair project. FSPM felt that the best approach to the repair solution would be to partner up with a plumbing contractor that has the capabilities to perform the necessary repairs in a design-build fashion and include the required engineering. This approach proved to be the most economical solution while keeping the best interest of the Association in mind.

Challenges regarding excavating and undermining the footings and foundations of the building to gain access to the existing underground waste pipes were a great concern. Historically, it has been known that the underground fill utilized to create the Streeterville area has proven to be inconsistent and challenging. To help alleviate these concerns, FSPM partnered up with a FirstService Residential In Good Company Plumbing Contractor to propose a conceptual approach that re-routed the underground waste pipe overhead with the help of strategically placed sump pits. This also eliminated major areas of excavation through common hallways of the building as well as re-routed the exterior surface drains to prevent storm water run-off from entering the building, thus reducing the potential for flooding in the lower levels. Converting to an overhead sewer system also provides easier future maintenance and repair, should it be required.


Everyone who I worked with on this project was accessible and helpful. In particular, Bob Stehman, who served as the site supervisor, was helpful and took the time to explain and answer any questions raised.

-Charles Stanford, Board Member and Chair of Building Committee

Reference: Ivy Forester, Property Manager