Plumbing Riser Replacement- Lincoln Park

FirstService Project Management was engaged by the Board of Directors and FirstService Residential at this Lincoln Park Condominium Association to manage the replacement of the domestic hot and cold risers in floors 20-38. This included a diligent pre-construction phase to establish the necessary requirements for the development of drawings and specifications for this high zone replacement. FSPM was engaged to perform this scope of work due to numerous leaks that have become evident in this riser. FSPM completed a number of site visits with representatives from In Good Company plumbing and engineer vendors to review the feasible scope options related to the riser replacement that would be best suitable to support the infrastructure of the building.


The scope of work included the following:

  • Drill core locations through the floor slab from 20-38 to provide new hot and cold domestic risers separate from the existing system.
    • Isolation valves installed at each floor to allow for a fill and test prior to any branch line work. This limited the shutdown for the unit owner’s kitchens during this project. This also was much less invasive to unit owners by negating major work on the interior of their units.
  • New hot and cold risers installed and tied into the existing system at the 20th & 38th floors.
  • Due to coring new riser locations, the existing common corridor wall was built out 8” to match existing bump-outs in the building.
  • Access panels installed in the common corridor at each isolation valve location.
  • Unit coordination for the branch line piping installation which runs through the base cabinets within the unit owners’ kitchens.

As a result of FSPM’s due diligence during the pre-construction phase, $65,000 was returned to the Association in unused contingency.