Emergency Riser Replacement – Edgewater

I cannot express how easy the team has made this venture. I would highly recommend this team with no reservations. They helped me keep my sanity and the residents were VERY pleased with everyone on the team. I was well informed of every detail throughout the process. Kevin and Kayla were amazing, and I am so happy they were on-site to assist with any issues. Their professionalism was exceptional.

-Jodi Middleton
Property Manager

FSPM was engaged by FirstService Residential and the Board at an Edgewater Condominium Association to manage this critical riser replacement project in an extremely expedited schedule. Prior to the start of this project, leaks were found while replacing adjacent insulation. The extremely poor condition of the piping lead to this emergency riser replacement. FSPM’s work included:

  • Obtain all permits, licenses, and approvals
  • Coordinate activities/schedule of all subcontractors, including daily COVID-19 screening, including temperature checks, face coverings, sanitizing stations, etc.
  • On-site superintendent to ensure project efficiency
  • Weekly progress meetings and daily construction reports
  • Coordination with unit occupants to minimize conflicts and facilitate occupant usage
  • Lobby monitor updating to keep residents informed of the project’s progress
  • Community coordinator to field calls, emails, etc. from unit owners while scheduling unit work
  • Unit protection and final daily cleaning

After the piping replacement, the drywall was repaired and repainted in units, corridors, and stairwells.

FirstService Project Management’s diligent and efficient approach to this project enabled the entire replacement to be completed within one week.

Reference: Jodi Middleton, Property Manager