Façade Repairs – Chicago South Shore

FSPM’s communication was excellent and came in multiple formats and even included in person updates to our Board and shareholders of the cooperative.

Extremely professional. We could not have asked for anything more. The team was great. FSPM far exceeded any previous project management.

FSPM was one of the main reasons we contracted with FirstService Residential for property management. They have been wonderful to work with on many projects for the building.

-Kevin Ryan

Former Board President

FSPM managed the following scope of work to support a façade renovation project of this 12-story high rise in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood.

  • Set up all required scaffolding and overhead protection
  • Grind and tuckpoint west and south elevations
  • Repair and reattach decorative terracotta
  • Remove and replace all spalled or damaged bricks
  • Remove terracotta coping stones, install proper through-wall flashing and then reinstall coping stones 
  • Remove and replace window sealant
  • Compile all field reports and document all repairs for record
  • Installation of plastic sheathing for dust protection and drop cloths for floor protection
  • Removal & Replacement of 20 exterior fire doors
  • Removal and disposal of prior doors and frames
  • Installation of new fire door, frame, and hardware
  • Painting of new doors

With cost savings generated by FSPM, $11,000 was returned to the Association.

Reference: Sparkle Wilson, Property Manager