Plumbing Riser Replacement – Uptown

FirstService Project Management was engaged by the Board at a Condominium Association to provide Construction Management Services to support a limited plumbing riser replacement project.  The scope of work was limited to seven plumbing riser locations.  These are the only remaining units, with bathrooms, that were not on the new water distribution system.  After completion of this final renovation, these risers now tie into the new system which improves water flow/ pressure as well as provides consistent hot water. During construction, the FSPM team performed the following:

  • Daily Coordination and comprehensive on-site Construction Management of the project to ensure that the work is being executed per the design-build project, developed by FSPM and a FirstService Residential In Good Company Plumbing Contractor.
  • Daily coordination with unit owners via a full-time Unit Coordinator. The Unit Coordinator is responsible for documentation of units prior to prep, notifications during construction, direct contact with each unit owner. The Unit Coordinator handles any questions, comments or concerns that arise during the project.
  • An FSPM onsite Project Unit Coordinator prepares an e-mail delivery of a detailed progress report to inform 4900CA of the project’s daily progression, any issues that may require a team discussion, as well as a weekly overall schedule update.
  • FSPM laborers and carpenters are responsible for the prep and protection of each unit, as well as making the necessary openings for access to the plumbing risers. FSPM carpenters are responsible for replacing any drywall that is removed, as well as bringing that surface to a primed finish.
  • Scheduled progress meetings with 4900CA and contractors to go over the project’s progression to support the project’s established schedule and cost.
  • Coordination and management of all City of Chicago building inspections.
  • A Project Manager provides comprehensive project accounting and billing of the project, utilizing the project’s schedule of values to include obtaining all waivers of liens and sworn statements from sub-trades to support each progress payment.
  • Safety Management: Safety inspections of the job site are performed daily by our onsite FSPM staff and periodically through safety professionals provided by Hygieneering, Inc. (G3’s affiliated company which is a full-service safety and environmental engineering firm), to support a safe work site and ensure compliance with applicable EPA and OSHA standards.
  • Establish and execute the final punch list to deliver the project in a professional and time-efficient manner.
  • Project submittal, clerical support, and delivery of the close-out package to include as-built drawings, applicable equipment manuals and warranties.

Reference: Todd Zeller, Board President