I cannot express how easy the team has made this venture. I would highly recommend this team with no reservations. They helped me keep my sanity and the residents were VERY pleased with everyone on the team. I was well informed of every detail throughout the process.

Kevin and Kayla were amazing, and I am so happy they were on-site to assist
with any issues. Their professionalism was exceptional.


Jodi Middleton, Property Manager

“Great communication. FSPM was very helpful in addressing questions from homeowners.”


Henry Erlich, Property Manager

Everyone who I worked with on this project was accessible and helpful. In particular, Bob Stehman, who served as the site supervisor, was helpful and took the time to explain and answer any questions raised.

Charles StanfordBoard Member and Chair of Building Committee

FirstService Project Management has provided very valuable services from Financing options to Architectural information to my Association.

They are in process of assisting now and I cannot express how easy they have made my life. They will be called to assist with any and all Capital projects in the future.

Their expertise and leadership during uneasy times have been invaluable. They think of everything so we do not have to!

-Jodi Middleton
FirstService Residential Property Manager, Shoreline Towers

Jodi MiddletonFirstService Residential Property Manager, Shoreline TowersChicago

Weekly executive summaries by Zack Dubs have been very punctual and consistently updated.

Young ChaiBoard Member

I am deeply impressed with the way in which FSPM/G3 keeps us informed and considered every step of the way. I feel like a valued client.

Juliet DervinBoard Member

Compared to the companies I hire through my day job, I can say that FSPM stands at the top.

Juliet DervinBoard Member

FSPM’s communication was excellent and came in multiple formats — and even included in-person updates to our board and shareholders of the cooperative.

Kevin RyanBoard Member

Extremely professional. We could not have asked for anything more. The team was great. FSPM far exceeded any previous project management.

Kevin RyanBoard Member

FSPM was one of the main reasons we contracted with FirstService Residential for property management. They have been wonderful to work with on many projects for the building.

Kevin RyanBoard Member