Roof Repairs – Edgewater

FirstService Project Management has been engaged by an Edgewater Condominium Association to review scope of work related to the installation of flashing at the cornice on the west elevation of the building. This included:

  • removal of the parapet wall at the west elevation to provide access to the cornice
  • installation of the cornice flashing, installation of new clay copings to the lowered height of the new parapet wall, as well as
  • replacement of coping stones throughout the roof.

At the request of the Association, FSPM also worked with outside contractors to come up with pricing for the remainder of the cornice work, as well as the recovering of the entire roofing system.

FSPM’s Construction Management services provide the following:

  • Reviewing expected scope of work throughout duration of project
  • Providing onsite oversight as necessary
  • Providing daily reports for any onsite visits
  • Reviewing requests for payment from contractors to ensure that contractor(s) are only paid for work completed
  • Reviewing work as it is completed to ensure that it has been completed as proposed
  • Inspecting the roof with contractor(s) and BOD to determine the location for the remaining eight (8) coping stones
  • Providing the BOD with a budgeted future work plan for the remaining Cornice and Roof related concerns at the completion of the 2020 scope of work
  • Providing a report of hours and consolidated daily reports in a weekly update email to the BOD

Reference:  Charles Buettgen, Board of Directors