Heating Line Replacement – Edgewater

Common Corridor Renovation – Lincoln Park

Fire Door Replacements – South Shore

Façade Renovation and Window Replacement – Gold Coast

Façade Renovation – Lakeview

Asphalt and Sewer Repairs – Willowbrook

Plumbing Riser Replacement – Gold Coast

Garage Renovation – West Loop

Façade Renovation – River North

Roof Replacement – West Loop

Façade Renovation – Loop

Façade Repairs – West Loop

Domestic Water Booster Replacement – Gold Coast

Underground Plumbing Repairs – Gold Coast

Balcony Pier Repairs – Highland Park

Door Modifications – Lincoln Park

Garage Renovation – Lincoln Park

Domestic Water Line Repairs – Lincoln Park

Plumbing Riser Replacement – Uptown

Laundry Room Renovation – Wrigleyville

Roof Access Ladder Replacement – Lakeview

Façade Repairs – Chicago South Shore

Façade Renovation – Westmont

Fire Protection System Replacement – Hyde Park

Roof Replacement and Façade Repairs – Bronzeville

Roof Repairs – Edgewater

Lobby and Common Corridor Renovations – Lincoln Park

Common Corridor Renovation – Chicago

Structural Repairs- North Kenwood

Emergency Riser Replacement – Edgewater

Full Community Roof Replacement- Oak Lawn

Garage Post Tension Repairs – Gold Coast

Fitness Center & Hospitality Suite Renovation – River North

Basement Vault Repairs- River North

Roof Replacement- Lakeview

Fitness Center Renovation- River North

Plumbing Riser Replacement- Lincoln Park

Facade Renovation- Gold Coast

Elevator Modernization- Gold Coast